The Invasive Brain Computer Interface

Have you seen people communicating with computers? Have you wondered why people who are in your vicinity suddenly start arguing with a mysterious entity or resume a conversation influenced by the invisible other? Have you seen them, then, control the urges to respond to the anonymous other for fear of being mistaken to be a... Continue Reading →

Chance Encounter with Celebrities

Have you run into celebrities with no premeditated calculations? It has always been interesting to observe how people react in different ways when they run into celebrities. A few recognize them straight away. A few brush past the celeb only to wonder if they had failed to recognize him or her because of lack of... Continue Reading →

Bewitched and Swindled!

The clock struck 4:00 pm. The motor driven chariot I had booked online for my transportation to the Australian Society of Author’s socialising ball had failed to arrive on time. There was no message from the charioteer, as was the norm, requesting me to be ready for pick up. For some weird reason I had... Continue Reading →

A Feel Good Digression

SYDNEY OLYMPIC PARK - ANZ The much-awaited time arrived. 13 Cabs scored for punctuality and in less than 40 minutes the cab slid smoothly along the length of ibis Budget and came to a halt at the corner of Edwin Flack Avenue and Dawn Fraser Avenue. Crossed hurdle No 1 I thought to myself as... Continue Reading →

No Gain Without Pain!

Trips! Journey! Travel! Whether short or long requires deliberate planning and careful packing. We know that advance booking reduces the stress and makes us more organised. A short trip for a professional development program at a venue of historical significance, Sydney Olympic Park sounded like lots of fun and sight seeing as the venue was... Continue Reading →

Dating Not a Fantasy Anymore

One evening when I returned from work and accessed the mailbox to check if there were any letters, notifications etc. I noticed a colourful flyer which arrested my attention. It was about Muslim dating. I was a little amused at first. Australian culture permits dating at the age of 16 and hence it is not... Continue Reading →

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